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Neuromuscular Reprogramming (NMR)


What is NMR?

NeuroMuscular Reprogramming is an approach to structural bodywork that engages the motor control center in the brain to rewrite the motor programs governing coordinated movement. This allows practitioners to quickly correct the dysfunctional postural and movement patterns that result from overuse and injury. These are the source of mystifying chronic pain and degeneration in muscles and joints. Practitioners trained in NMR can assist rapid healing of acute injuries and relief from chronic pain.


How Does it Work?
NMR uses muscle testing to assess specific structural imbalances and the dysfunctional relationships within coordination patterns. Muscle testing expands proprioceptive feedback and cues the brain for reprogramming. This enables me to be very specific in my treatments and to locate the most strategic place to work.

NMR is an essential piece of effective rehabilitation. It accomplishes results fast.


NMR achieves dramatic results:

Relieve pain; restore function and range of motion.

Accelerate recovery from acute injuries.

Resolve the persistent effects of chronic injury.

Alleviate the symptoms of repetitive stress.

Optimize athletic performance.


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