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About:  Trent Adams - CMT, NMR, ART, FMT


Trent was an accomplished artist who attended Art School in Seattle.  When he had almost completed his degree he began to notice that he was having trouble seeing at night, and was tripping a lot. He even had a couple near misses with pedestrians in crosswalks and took out at least one mailbox.  Trent had worn hearing aids since the age of three only to then be told that he would gradually lose his sight due to Retinitis Pigmentosa. He has since been diagnosed with Usher Syndrome, a condition that includes hearing loss and RP.


Trent had to reinvent himself. In 1998, Trent moved to Northern California and studied Bodywork  - becoming a Certified Massage Therapist. He gravitated to the "fixing" kind of bodywork. He continued his studies in Neuromuscular Reprogramming and ended up working with Chiropractors over several years. 


He discovered that bodywork was like a "calling" for him. A different kind of art. In fact, his disabilities seem to serve to his advantage - heightening his other senses and intuition.


Trent is always eager to learn and improve upon his practice. In 2011, Trent became Full-Body certified in Active Release Techniques (ART) - dubbed "the gold standard of soft tissue release," which is a patented massage technique based on working with soft tissue and movement. The technique is designed to treat problems with back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints, muscles, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, knee problems and many others. With ART, Trent is getting results he never did the first 12 years of his deep tissue work. He is continuing to further educate himself and is now offering Fascial Movement Taping to complement his work. Trent constantly strives to learn more and do better, always evolving to provide the best care possible.


He has worked with clients ranging from triathletes to special needs children to seniors -- and has a private practice at 311 Neal Street, Grass Valley, CA.





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